Happy Holidays!

We hope that during this break from school or work or whatever you may be doing, you can take some time reflect on the life that you have had the opportunity share with others. Hopefully, get joy from the brighter side of this year and remember lessons learned from the darker side of it. For us at PiKA ΙΔ we are super happy to have been able to share our year with brothers, and alumnus, and look forward to more. It has also been such a great time having the ability to create memories at Rose with all the students, and homework there. (Haha ) Of course on the flip side we also are happy to have learn from the harder parts of the year that actually do include things like school, work, and life in general. So in Conclusion Happy Holiday’s, and a Happy New Year from the Men of Pi Kappa Alpha Iota Delta. Hope you’re feeling the love, and if you’re were not, hope you are now!

Never Stop Serving the Community

IMG_0795      This weekend Pi Kappa Alpha Iota Delta showed how it cares for the Terre Haute Community with 2 days of service in a row. First we helped serve in the annual event Bikes for Tykes, a great service event where Rose Hulman students have the opportunity to put ourselves to use. We put together over 200 bikes for kids around the community! Most of us remember having a bike as kids and remember how useful and fun it was, before we had cars. Because of Bikes for Tykes these kids might have the chance experience the same joys as most of us did. Its was a lot of fun and we had a lot of us show up, like we always do!


The second Community event we had 10 of our guys went with 70 other members of Rose Greek life to the Terre Haute event, Shop with a Cop, where Terre Haute’s Fraternal Order of Police raised money for over 100 families to have $100 per child to shop for gifts and clothes for their christmas. After shopping with them for an hour or so we got to know some of the kids and parents, and really generate a nice bond. For everyone of us it was our second early morning community service event, and we’d do it again!

Shop for a Cop

This is Joe Kaltenthaler, Tayveon, and Tommy from this morning during Terre Haute’s Shop with a Cop.

This morning 10 of our brothers went with 70 other members of Rose-Hulman’s Greek community to the Terre Haute’s FOP‘s event, Shop with a Cop. Terre Haute’s Fraternal Order of Police raised money for over 100 families to have $100 per child to shop for gifts and clothes for their Christmas.

Associate’s Retreat

Tonight is the Beta Iota Associate retreat! On this awesome night the associates will bond not only with each other but with the current brothers of Iota Delta. We look forward to when they too will be standing telling stories to the next class of associates as brothers.