Introducing the New Leadership

The Iota Delta chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha has a new executive board for 2015. From left to right:

Sargent-at-Arms (Bill Mader, Junior, CSSE) – Bill returns for another term as the head of ritual and judicial boards in our fraternity. Bill is one of the main reasons for our continual excellence during our initiation ceremonies. The chapter so thankful for his passion and commitment to the Iota Delta chapter.

Rush Chariman (Mike Cirocco, Junior, ME) – Mike has transitioned from Treasure to the Rush Chair. Mike is a great motivator and has developed a desire to positively impact the future of our fraternity. The chapter greatly appreciates his multiple areas of expertise. We had a great Spring Rush, and Mike is keeping us very excited for next year’s Fall Rush.

Vice President of Assets (Elliot Bochnowski, Junior, EE) – Elliot previously served as the Housing Manager for our chapter and is now the vice president who oversees our assets. His knowledge and organization has helped our grounds become more enjoyable to in and the chapter looks forward to seeing his leadership positively influence all of our assets

President of the Iota Delta Chapter (Joe Kaltenthaler, Junior, ME) – Joe took over the Community Service chairmanship during his sophomore year and came back from co-op with Rolls-Royce to run for President. Our chapter recognized his leadership, drive, and passion for our chapter through his character and previous position. We look forward to see the chapter grow under Joe’s leadership in our goal to become the best possible PIKE chapter we can be.

Treasurer (Rahul Yarlagadda, Sophomore, ME) – Rahul is a sophomore that really stepped up to take on the task of managing our chapter’s finances. He learned from the Mike Cirocco and Jacob Lueck, two previous treasurers, to hone his skills and gain experience. The chapter is delighted to have such a smart and talented brother as our treasurer.

Secretary (Tucker Nelson, Junior, ME) – Tucker was elected as secretary for his organization, dependability,and sharpness. His term began before the other executive members. Since he began his position, Tucker regularly ensures the chapter knows what’s going on with different scheduling tools. He also improved communication between brothers with easier access to contacting brothers. The chapter is excited to see what ideas he can bring to our chapter next.

Risk Chairman (Matt Potter, Junior, ME) – Matt was elected the risk chairman before this year, and has already done an outstanding job with our risk policies. His commitment to protecting brothers and guests has really shown in the way he organizes work shift for parities and in his committee meetings. The chapter appreciates the sacrifices he makes to ensure that we remain safe and secure.

Vice- President of Enrichment (David Reamer, Sophomore, CE) – David is one of three sophomores who were elected as an executive member. His was formerly the community service chairman and took over after Joe Kaltenthaler. Under his leadership, community service at the Iota Delta Chapter reached new heights with the amount of events fulfilled and hours logged. Now, as the VP of Enrichment, the chapter looks forward to seeing David lead in other areas.

Vice-President of Relations (Greg Bauer, Sophomore, ME) – Greg is another sophomore that stepped up and became an executive member. He was the previous Alumni Relations chairman, and he took that position to new heights, He has a talent for bringing people together and making sure that the Iota Delta chapter has positive relations with the public, alumni, sororities, other fraternities.The chapter is thankful for all his contributions.