2015 International Work Day

During this spring quarter, the Iota Delta Pikes of Rose-Hulman successfully completed a variety of renovation projects on our grounds during our biannual event called Work Day.

The weather was our biggest foe, however, with intermittent downpours putting a damper on some outdoor projects. This did not stop our determined spring associate class, though, who dug out a sizeable fire pit by the gym for brothers to use for brotherhood events and general comradery. Another project that was completed was clearing out the basement – we managed to remove two old water heaters and clean the basement by removing all of the wood, dirt, and spare water pumps, recycling all that we could. In addition to these projects, the grounds were given a tidying by way of major landscape work around the entire grounds (including weed-eating, clearing areas around the driveway, cleaning up the Heritage Trail entrance, mowing the front hill, and clearing brush in the woods) to keep Pike looking nice going into the summer break.

It would not be a complete Pike Work Day without the return of a multitude of alumni, who helped on a variety of projects and got to reminisce in the memories and brotherhood with the current active brothers and associates. We had a great turnout of alumni who came back to help and to provide the current brothers and associates with valuable knowledge about workmanship and brotherhood.

Overall, Spring Work Day went without a hitch, and we successfully completed a myriad of projects to improve the grounds.


Operation Wabaskiki

The spring associate class of Pi Kappa Alpha attended Operation Wabashiki. Operation Wabaskiki is an annual community service event that is planned by the sustainability club at St. Mary-of-the-Woods College. At the event, students and community members clean up the Wabashiki Fish and Wildlife area by West Terre Haute. The purpose of Operation Wabashiki is to preserve the wetland habitat along the Wabash River. All eleven members of the Beta Mu associate class woke up early on a Saturday to help out at the event. They mostly picked up trash along the waterfront and contributed to making our community a better place.