The Two Brothers in Owen

This is one of the most prevalent ghost stories that has been passed down by brothers for a while now. I have heard several variations of it, some more realistic than others. This is the earliest written version of the story I could find:

“People used to store their stuff up in the second floor of Owen during the summer. This was before it was renovated into Pike Club. [A brother] came back early from break and was too tired to move his bed back into the house, so he decided just to spend the night out in Owen (bad Idea if you ask me). Sometime during the night he wakes up to the sight of a little boy sitting on the end of his bed. At first he was terrified, but the boy started to talk to him and turned out to be a pretty nice kid. The kid told him there was another boy with him that wasn’t so nice and was always angry. He then noticed he did hear someone else moving about the place down the hallway. The little boy finally left and the Brother eventually fell back asleep. After his experience, the brother wanted to do a little research about that particular building on our grounds. It turns out that there were two boys about the same age as the one he had been talking to that had hung themselves in the second floor of Owen during their abusive stay at the Glenn Home. The story goes on that this brother made several other evening trips to Owen and was able to continue seeing the nicer of the boys while the angry one kept to himself and ran around the east hallway.”

If you happen to know more about the two boys, or if there’s another aspect to the story we’re missing, please let us know so we can keep this updated.

A room in the 2nd floor of Owen. This is what it looks like today in the section of the building that is still boarded up.

A room in the 2nd floor of Owen. This is what it looks like today in the section of the building that is still boarded up.

Bid Tuesday Fall 2015

October 20, 2015

It started out as any other Tuesday. The leaves were changing colors, the weather was mild, and days were getting shorter. However, on this particular Tuesday, a majority of the freshman males woke up before 7 A.M. to head over to the Hulman Union. Each of them would make a decision that could dramatically impact their next 4 years at Rose-Hulman. It was Bid Tuesday.

The brothers of Iota Delta worked tirelessly during the Fall recruitment period. New friendships were made, many dinners with freshmen happened, many rush burgers flipped and rush fries seasoned, and many rush evens were planned and implemented. Brothers took rushees to many restaurants and event near and far from Terre Haute. The final rush event was in St. Louis at the City museum. This year, rushees were even taken to Holiday World in Christmas, IN! The whole process was a time commitment, but it was definitely a great time for everyone involved. Brothers looked all around campus to find those individuals who best represented SLAG (Scholars, Leaders, and Athletes, and Gentlemen). It was exciting to see the potential in the underclassmen, as well as how they might add to the great brotherhood.

Once the bids were submitted, the brother anxiously waited for the afternoon when they would be announced. As tradition goes, brothers waiting outside on the Quad as Brothers Mike Cirocco, Rush Chairman, and Nick Diskerud, Associate Educator, came back with an packet containing the final count. The packet was opened, and 41 new freshman signed a bid to join Pi Kappa Alpha, Iota Delta Chapter. Three Sophomores also decided to join. That brought the total count up to 44.

The bid recipients were congratulated and taken back to the Iota Dela ground by walking the Heritage Trail. There, the evening began with the race on the front hill. After some ceremonies and customs, the night become all about celebrating the new members and the brotherhood of our chapter.