Spring Initiation Banquet

On May 11th, the Pike Iota Delta chapter had a banquet for the beta theta class at Zaharako’s Ice Cream Parlor in Columbus, Indiana. Congratulations to the newly initiated brothers! George Mammarella MC’ed the banquet with particular tact while Michael Johnson presented around half of the awards. The delicious dinner was topped off with either a strawberry shortcake or brownie sundae ice cream treat. The brothers ended up dancing, serenading, and socializing in the upstairs Green River room after dinner. Thanks to everyone for another great banquet and thanks to Zaharako’s for the great hospitality.

Habitat for Humanity

Several brothers journeyed down to Clearwater, Florida for Spring Break 2013. The Pikes chose to serve others on their Spring Break trip by doing construction work on houses, assisting Habitat for Humanity’s efforts to end substandard housing. The group performed many tasks including trimming, truss support, painting, caulking, and framing. Leaders of the project from Habitat for Humanity commended the work ethic of the Pike men and thanked them for their energies.

Spring Work Day

On Saturday April 13th, 2013 brothers, alumni, associates (at the time), and guests joined forces to tackle many projects on the Iota Delta grounds. These projects included installing landscaping rock beside Alden and in the island in the parking lot, installing new and improved sidewalks to Owen and in between the Main House and the Annex, installing new outlets and speaker wire conduits in Owen, leveling the ground in between the Main House and the Annex for drainage purposes, installing a new basketball hoop in the gymnasium, staining the Alden deck, and finishing up the Annex Patio. Daniel Powers helped organize the food for the day. Donuts were served for breakfast, subway sandwiches were served for lunch, and dinner was purchased from Rick’s Smokehouse. Brothers really enjoyed spending quality time working and sharing meals together.

Greek Games

In Greek Games this year at Rose-Hulman Pike placed third place overall. This was fueled by third-place finishes in a majority of the events, including the Blood Drive, Tug of War, Relay Race, Egg Toss, and the Eating Contest.
Pike did place first in the pyramid contest shown in the picture below by completing a pyramid in approximately 8 seconds.

Winter Work Day

On Saturday, January 19th, brothers and associates alike got up early to make Pike an even better place to live. Everyone worked together to get as much done as possible. Brothers cleaned and repaired the inside of the living areas, while the associates of the Beta Eta Class worked on a patio for the annex. Everyone had a fun time working and bonding, and there will be many more projects in store for the next work day.

Jacob Chalmers helps work on the patio.

Jacob Chalmers helps work on the patio.

Up for Pike

Over one weekend winter quarter, brothers and associates gathered together to write letters to family, friends, and alumni, informing them of our upcoming 5th Annual Fire Truck Pull. Similar to Up til’ Dawn, the event was entitled Up for Pike. The goal was to write to all family and friends along with Pike alumni asking to support our main philanthropy event. The Pull helps raise money and awareness for Special Olympics Indiana.
Along with writing and addressing letters, there were activities going on throughout the night.  These festivities include a music jam, a YouTube competition, and games going on throughout the entire night. The event ended with brotherhood pancakes, a time where brothers and associates come together and enjoy pancakes cooked by our Brotherhood Chair at 2 A.M on a Saturday night of every month.
Up for Pike was a successful night. We sent out over 700 letters, 500 of which went to alumni. Our goal is to raise $10,000 for Special Olympics Indiana.

Ryan Hohl, Jason Latimer, Ian Fong, and Nick Heshelman write letters for Up for Pike.

Ryan Hohl, Jason Latimer, Ian Fong, and Nick Heshelman write letters for Up for Pike.

Pike Day

Over the weekend before finals brothers got together to participate in Pike Day. The activities of Pike Day include a morning canoe trip, a dunk contest, grilling out, board games, videogames, sand volleyball, and dodge ball. The events took place throughout the day and all activities but the canoe trip were at the house. Pike Day promotes brotherhood by spending the day with your brothers.

5th Annual Fire Truck Pull

Fire Truck Pull is a community event in which teams of 8-10 people compete to pull a fire truck 100 ft in the fastest amount of time. It began 5 years ago by our own Iota Delta chapter at the Terre Haute Airport and has grown into a highly recognized event by the Terre Haute community and Special Olympics Indiana. Last year, Fire Truck Pull raised over $5,000 for Special Olympics Indiana with over 20 teams participating in this event. Past teams include the Terre Haute Fire Department, the Union Hospital, the Terre Haute Police Department, and Shriners. In addition, over 500 people from the various parts of the community and Special Olympic athletes attended our event, joining to raise awareness and support for Special Olympics Indiana.

Our goal is to raise over $10,000 for Special Olympics Indiana and have at least 10 community teams participate in our event.

Our goal is to raise over $10,000 for Special Olympics Indiana and have at least 10 community teams participate in our event.

25th Anniversary Banquet

The 25th Anniversary banquet marked a landmark for Iota Delta chapter.  The banquet was held at the Mavris Arts Building on February 2 2013nd.  There were over 250 guests in attendance that settled in to celebrate the achievements of the past 25 years.  This event was attended by a past international president, the first chapter advisor, and three members of the first initiation class.  Also in attendance, were over forty alumni spanning the history of our Chapter, which brought with them numerous stories and fantastic attitudes.

The banquet was held not only to celebrate the past 25 years of Pi Kappa Alpha at Rose-Hulman, but also to celebrate the initiation of twenty-five outstanding gentlemen into the bonds that tie us all together.  These men put in an enormous amount of work, and the night was held to honor their dedication. <