Bid Tuesday Fall 2015

October 20, 2015

It started out as any other Tuesday. The leaves were changing colors, the weather was mild, and days were getting shorter. However, on this particular Tuesday, a majority of the freshman males woke up before 7 A.M. to head over to the Hulman Union. Each of them would make a decision that could dramatically impact their next 4 years at Rose-Hulman. It was Bid Tuesday.

The brothers of Iota Delta worked tirelessly during the Fall recruitment period. New friendships were made, many dinners with freshmen happened, many rush burgers flipped and rush fries seasoned, and many rush evens were planned and implemented. Brothers took rushees to many restaurants and event near and far from Terre Haute. The final rush event was in St. Louis at the City museum. This year, rushees were even taken to Holiday World in Christmas, IN! The whole process was a time commitment, but it was definitely a great time for everyone involved. Brothers looked all around campus to find those individuals who best represented SLAG (Scholars, Leaders, and Athletes, and Gentlemen). It was exciting to see the potential in the underclassmen, as well as how they might add to the great brotherhood.

Once the bids were submitted, the brother anxiously waited for the afternoon when they would be announced. As tradition goes, brothers waiting outside on the Quad as Brothers Mike Cirocco, Rush Chairman, and Nick Diskerud, Associate Educator, came back with an packet containing the final count. The packet was opened, and 41 new freshman signed a bid to join Pi Kappa Alpha, Iota Delta Chapter. Three Sophomores also decided to join. That brought the total count up to 44.

The bid recipients were congratulated and taken back to the Iota Dela ground by walking the Heritage Trail. There, the evening began with the race on the front hill. After some ceremonies and customs, the night become all about celebrating the new members and the brotherhood of our chapter.





New Member Recruitment 2015

September 17, 2015

Fall Rush has begun! The members of Pi Kappa Alpha Iota Delta Chapter are ready to recruit the best scholars, leaders, athletes, and gentlemen Rose-Hulman has to offer! Rush will last 5 weeks this year, and our rush committee has been hard at work planning events and rush tactics.

The first rush event kicked off with a cookout at Deming Hall. The chapter Fire Truck pulled in and quickly turned into the grill station manned by the brothers. Freshman from all over campus stopped by to talk to current brothers to see what life at PIKE might look like for them!


2015 Iota Delta Rush Retreat

September 13, 2015

Coming off another productive and successful school year, the Iota Delta wanted to maintain that momentum by setting new goals at the annual Rush Retreat. Instead of having the retreat on the Iota Delta grounds like previous year, the executive board wanted to have the event off-site to make it a celebration as well. So, the Iota Delta Chapter packed up their bags and headed to the Westin Hotel in Indianapolis, IN for “PIKES Stay the Night!”. The two day Rush Retreat consisted of fun activities to bond with brothers, planning, vision casting, and lots of great meals.

On Friday September 11th, brothers started off the night with Bowling and Laser Tagging.

20150911_200101 20150911_200058

After a fun-filled night, the brothers checked in at the Westin to get plenty of rest for the upcoming sessions.

The next morning, brothers convened at the Westin conference room to begin a productive day. Brother and current President Joe Kaltenthaler led the morning session by vision casting and evaluating where the chapter is now and what the chapter should look like the future. Brothers broke into small table groups to discuss current issues and practical ways to address them.

DSC_0521 DSC_0520 DSC_0518 DSC_0517

For lunch, brothers walked to Shapiro’s Delicatessen to enjoy some on Indy;s finest Jewish-deli cuisine. Trays full of Pastrami on Rye, Reubens, Mahzo Ball soups, and plenty of desserts filled the tables as brothers dined and ate in a lively environment. Brothers were so fortunate to experience such great hospitality at Shapiro’s!


DSC_0536 DSC_0537

The afternoon session was started by Chapter Advisor Dr. Mchael DeVasher. He gave the brothers a Call to Action, which reminded all the members there present how important it is to really keep each other accountable to fulfill our goals  Following Dr. DeVasher’s call, Rush Chairman and Brother Mike Cirocco. He explained why new member recruitment is so crucial to the chapter and also taught the brothers effective recruitment strategies.

The day ended with brotherhood dinner. Because the brothers were so full from the food at Shapiro’s, everyone opted to take the Buca Di Beppo’s to-go!

In the end, brothers came out of the retreat optimistic and ready to take on the school year! Thank you Shapiro’s Delicatessen for the amazing food and hospitality! Thank you to the Westin Hotel Indianapolis for hosting our 2015 Rush Retreat!


Iota Delta Chapter Receives its 13th Robert Adger Smythe Award

August 1, 2015

After another tough but eventful school year at Rose-Hulman, the brothers of the Iota Delta chapter all departed to their respective places for the summer. The Iota Delta grounds eventually would become almost vacant of people, but the fruit from this past year’s hard work would remain.

After another successful transition in leadership, the chapter carried on the ideals and goals set by the previous leaders. Former President Nick Heshelman and his cabinet spearheaded a change in the chapter’s culture, casting a vision and making brothers excited about being successful with chapter functions and programs. Current President Joe Kaltenthaler and his new team took the reins and further unified the chapter while focusing on important goals made by brothers. The chairmen were also on board and created a board filled with end of the year goals. This included recruitment goals, social goals, service goals, and many more. The year ended productively for the active brothers, with help from chapter advisors, alumni advisors, and supporting alumni.

Graduation had passed, and all that was left was to wait patiently. hotel comparison Although not the primary end goal, brothers wondered if their work was enough to gain recognition from the Pi Kappa Alpha Memorial Headquarters. On August 1st, 2015, brothers Joe Kaltenthaler and Jacob Wyrick attended the International Awards banquet during The Academy in Memphis, Tennessee.


Brothers Jacob Wyrick (Left) and Joe Kaltenthaler (Right) at the Pi Kappa Alpha Memorial Headquarters entrance

With much anticipation, the brothers heard the news. Iota Delta was recognized as one of the top 10% chapters for the 2014-2015 academic year, which meant that the chapter earned its 13th Robert Adger Smythe award. Iota Delta Alumnus Kyle Massey was also in attendance as a chapter advisor for Indiana University (Delta Xi) and also celebrated with active brothers Kaltenthaler and Wyrick at the banquet.


Joe Kaltenthaler, Kyle Massey, and Jacob Wyrick at the Awards banquet

Other awards received were the Orian’s Excellence Award, the Scholarship Plate, 100 Man Chapter Recognition, and 100% ppka Club.


Orian’s Excellence Award


Scholarship Plate and 100 Man Chapter Recognition

The Smythe award was last seen by the chapter in 2009, and we are very thankful that another trophy can be brought back to the chapter house. While winning a Smythe is not the only goal as a fraternity, the entire chapter and everyone affiliated is very proud of this accomplishment. The chapter will use this as encouragement and fuel to produce even greater things next year!

This award could not have been possible if it weren’t for the guidance and support of certain groups and individuals:

Thank you Pi Kappa Alpha nationals for awarding the Iota Delta the Smythe

Thank you alumni advisors for your guidance and specifically, helping edit Smythe report drafts

Thank you chapter advisors for your continued wisdom and encouragement

Thank you alumni supporters for cheering the actives on and for your generous donations

Thank you friends and family who have put in so much for the betterment of the Iota Delta chapter


The Smythe – at Memorial Headquarters

2015 International Work Day

During this spring quarter, the Iota Delta Pikes of Rose-Hulman successfully completed a variety of renovation projects on our grounds during our biannual event called Work Day.

The weather was our biggest foe, however, with intermittent downpours putting a damper on some outdoor projects. This did not stop our determined spring associate class, though, who dug out a sizeable fire pit by the gym for brothers to use for brotherhood events and general comradery. Another project that was completed was clearing out the basement – we managed to remove two old water heaters and clean the basement by removing all of the wood, dirt, and spare water pumps, recycling all that we could. In addition to these projects, the grounds were given a tidying by way of major landscape work around the entire grounds (including weed-eating, clearing areas around the driveway, cleaning up the Heritage Trail entrance, mowing the front hill, and clearing brush in the woods) to keep Pike looking nice going into the summer break.

It would not be a complete Pike Work Day without the return of a multitude of alumni, who helped on a variety of projects and got to reminisce in the memories and brotherhood with the current active brothers and associates. We had a great turnout of alumni who came back to help and to provide the current brothers and associates with valuable knowledge about workmanship and brotherhood.

Overall, Spring Work Day went without a hitch, and we successfully completed a myriad of projects to improve the grounds.


Operation Wabaskiki

The spring associate class of Pi Kappa Alpha attended Operation Wabashiki. Operation Wabaskiki is an annual community service event that is planned by the sustainability club at St. Mary-of-the-Woods College. At the event, students and community members clean up the Wabashiki Fish and Wildlife area by West Terre Haute. The purpose of Operation Wabashiki is to preserve the wetland habitat along the Wabash River. All eleven members of the Beta Mu associate class woke up early on a Saturday to help out at the event. They mostly picked up trash along the waterfront and contributed to making our community a better place.



Pullin’ for a Cause

The Fire Truck is a symbol for help and represents the nobility of the firemen who dedicate their lives for others. The Iota Delta Chapter is committed to upholding those values and one way of demonstrating that is the annual Fire Truck Pull. This philanthropy event supports Special Olympics Indiana, an organization that is near and dear to the brothers of Iota Delta and Theta Omicron.

The Iota Delta Chapter worked with brothers from Theta Omicron at Indiana State University to host the event on March 28th at the Clabber Girl Parking lot in downtown Terre Haute. Organizations from the community, Rose-Hulman, and ISU supported his event with generous donations as well as team to participate in the Fire Truck Pull competition!

Teams of roughly 10 people tried to pull a fire truck, graciously donated by the Terre Haute Fire Department, as fast as they possibly can for 100 feet.  Roughly 500 people attended the event and many teams competed to win this year’s Fire Truck Pull. This year’s winner was Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity of Rose-Hulman, with a time of 15 seconds! For those not competing in the pull, there were many games to enjoy such as Cornhole, Trash Can Pong, and other miniature games. The Terre Haute Police Department even came to do a demonstration of their K-9 unit.

Both PIKE chapters would like to thank their respective schools and the communities for helping them continue to support Special Olympics Indiana. This year, Pi Kappa Alpha raised $5350 and hopes to do outdo themselves next year.

This year’s all-male winner was Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity from Rose-Hulman! They truly pulled for a cause.

This year’s all-female winner was Delta Gamma from ISU! Job well done, ladies!

2015 Terre Haute Polar Plunge!

The Terre Haute Polar Plunge is a philanthropic event that benefits Special Olympics Indiana. Some of our very own Iota Delta brothers took the initiative to raise money and take the plunge (literally!) at the Indiana State University Rec Center during the dead of winter.


Check out these pictures of brothers freezing their tails off for Special Olympics!






IMG958265 domain owner info

Introducing the New Leadership

The Iota Delta chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha has a new executive board for 2015. From left to right:

Sargent-at-Arms (Bill Mader, Junior, CSSE) – Bill returns for another term as the head of ritual and judicial boards in our fraternity. Bill is one of the main reasons for our continual excellence during our initiation ceremonies. The chapter so thankful for his passion and commitment to the Iota Delta chapter.

Rush Chariman (Mike Cirocco, Junior, ME) – Mike has transitioned from Treasure to the Rush Chair. Mike is a great motivator and has developed a desire to positively impact the future of our fraternity. The chapter greatly appreciates his multiple areas of expertise. We had a great Spring Rush, and Mike is keeping us very excited for next year’s Fall Rush.

Vice President of Assets (Elliot Bochnowski, Junior, EE) – Elliot previously served as the Housing Manager for our chapter and is now the vice president who oversees our assets. His knowledge and organization has helped our grounds become more enjoyable to in and the chapter looks forward to seeing his leadership positively influence all of our assets

President of the Iota Delta Chapter (Joe Kaltenthaler, Junior, ME) – Joe took over the Community Service chairmanship during his sophomore year and came back from co-op with Rolls-Royce to run for President. Our chapter recognized his leadership, drive, and passion for our chapter through his character and previous position. We look forward to see the chapter grow under Joe’s leadership in our goal to become the best possible PIKE chapter we can be.

Treasurer (Rahul Yarlagadda, Sophomore, ME) – Rahul is a sophomore that really stepped up to take on the task of managing our chapter’s finances. He learned from the Mike Cirocco and Jacob Lueck, two previous treasurers, to hone his skills and gain experience. The chapter is delighted to have such a smart and talented brother as our treasurer.

Secretary (Tucker Nelson, Junior, ME) – Tucker was elected as secretary for his organization, dependability,and sharpness. His term began before the other executive members. Since he began his position, Tucker regularly ensures the chapter knows what’s going on with different scheduling tools. He also improved communication between brothers with easier access to contacting brothers. The chapter is excited to see what ideas he can bring to our chapter next.

Risk Chairman (Matt Potter, Junior, ME) – Matt was elected the risk chairman before this year, and has already done an outstanding job with our risk policies. His commitment to protecting brothers and guests has really shown in the way he organizes work shift for parities and in his committee meetings. The chapter appreciates the sacrifices he makes to ensure that we remain safe and secure.

Vice- President of Enrichment (David Reamer, Sophomore, CE) – David is one of three sophomores who were elected as an executive member. His was formerly the community service chairman and took over after Joe Kaltenthaler. Under his leadership, community service at the Iota Delta Chapter reached new heights with the amount of events fulfilled and hours logged. Now, as the VP of Enrichment, the chapter looks forward to seeing David lead in other areas.

Vice-President of Relations (Greg Bauer, Sophomore, ME) – Greg is another sophomore that stepped up and became an executive member. He was the previous Alumni Relations chairman, and he took that position to new heights, He has a talent for bringing people together and making sure that the Iota Delta chapter has positive relations with the public, alumni, sororities, other fraternities.The chapter is thankful for all his contributions.

Christmas Time at the Iota Delta Chapter

Merry Christmas Eve everyone! We wish all actives, alumni, friends, and family a very cheerful and blessed holiday season. For the Iota Delta Chapter, the three weeks leading up to the Holiday break were very busy. We spread the Christmas spirit in the community and also managed to spend a good amount of time dedicated to brotherhood.


Once we got the house decorated with wreaths, lights, and a beautiful Christmas tree, we sought to service the community. For our first weekend before break, some of our brothers woke up especially early on Saturday morning to participate in an event called “Shop with a Cop”. Members of the Terre Haute Police Department partnered with the Rose fraternities at the local Wal-Mart to buy Christmas gifts for underprivileged children. It was a great way to bring some Christmas spirit to the children who needed it most during the Christmas season. Shop with a Cop Brothers Trevor Bischoff, Nick Heshelman, Billy Scheid, Riley Wern, Tucker Nelson, David Reamer, Joe Kaltenthaler, and Joe Carroll are smiling with members of the THPD on an early morning trip to Wal-Mart.


For our second weekend leading up to break, we participated in two (Yes, that’s TWO) community service events. In the early morning, a large group of brothers headed to the BIC on campus to do “Bikes for Tykes”, an annual Rose-Hulman event where students assemble bicycles for children in the local area. The event had a great showing, and we successfully assembled all the bikes given to us. It was a great way for us as engineers to use our skills for the community. IMG_3154 Brothers Harlan Dupree and Dustin Fullerton work together with great determination (photo by CASY-Chances and Services for Youth). IMG_3153 Brothers Nick Diskerud and Alumnus Brady Wern make sure that the bike is assembled properly (photo by CASY-Chances and Services for Youth).


Our next event was a bit different. Brother Ian Fong had a vision to bring Help-Portrait to Terre Haute, Indiana. Help-Portrait is a global movement of photographers, make-up artists, and stylists who come together to give portraits to people in need. They may use it for professional purposes, to give to family, or just as a nice family portrait for the house. Brothers David Reamer, Gene Kum, and Joe Kaltenthaler assisted Brother Fong with planning and tasks leading up to the event. It took a lot of preparation, but we are happy to say it went successfully. We even had Brother David Reamer interveiw with local Terre Haute show “Good Day Live” with Julie Henricks to promote the event.

Check out the interview here.

We had at least 30 groups from the local area come to take pictures. Through this event, we were able to listen to the stories people brought with their photos. This helped understand them better and appreciate the service we were providing. We had a great group of brothers and other volunteers show up to help run the event. Nick Garcia, a local photographer from “Common Thread Photo”, came to help out and take pictures along with Brother Fong. We really appreciated Nick and the long hours he put into the photo shoots and portraits.

Check out Nick’s photography company “Common Thread Photo” here.

IMG_3147 A group photo of the brothers who volunteered during the afternoon shift with Nick Garcia in the center. Thanks to all the brothers from the morning shift as well! It was a job well done! IMG_3163Some of the wonderful families who came out to have their picture taken. We were so happy to give them these high quality portraits. IMG_3137 Jen Nishida (shown in photo) headed the make-up and hair station at the event. The hair and make-up station was an optional stage of the event for those who wanted to do some styling before the photo shoot. Although they are not in the photo, Alexa Hylas from Rose-Hulman and Kaitlyn McCullough from Terre Haute were a huge help with make-up in the afternoon shift! Thanks ladies! We really appreciate your help! IMG_3139 Rose-Hulman’s Tri Delta Sorority also came to volunteer and support the event. Katie Lakstins (left) and Haley Bowyer (right) helped out with make-up and hair in the morning session! Great job ladies and thank you!


Lastly, we made sure to spend some time for brotherhood to cap it all off. We held our annual Secret Santa gift exchange headed by Brothers Jacob Chalmers (who was also Santa for a little bit) and Sam Hojnacki. Associates also joined in on the brotherhood event as we all enjoyed ourselves with laughter and joy of gift giving. IMG_3141 A large crowd gathered in the Back Lounge of the Main House to celebrate Christmas the Iota Delta way. Have a Merry Christmas everybody!! Stay tuned for more updates. We excited about what the New Year will bring to us at PIKE.