Bid Tuesday Fall 2014

The 20 new members that signed with PIKE on Bid Tuesday (Photo by Eric Kercher)

October 29, 2014

The 2014 fall rush period has finally come to a close. Freshman males across campus arose early in the morning to see what new opportunities await them. Many decided to join a Greek family and add a new chapter in their lives both literally and figuratively. Throughout the day, brothers from every chapter wondered who the new faces of their chapters would be. It was a time of reflection and suspense, as every chapter wondered if their efforts during the rush period would bear fruit.

The brothers of Pi Kappa Alpha Iota Delta gathered in the quadrangle in the afternoon with the fire truck ready to roam the Rose-Hulman campus. At 5PM, the list of all the new members were released. Nelson Oliver, our fearless rush chairman, along with Nick Heshelman, the President, ran over to the quad and opened the envelope containing a list of names. On that day, 20 men declared that they would join the brotherhood of PIKE and become the Beta Lambda Class. We were all ecstatic to grab them out of their dorms and officially give them the shirt that would affiliate them with PIKE. Brothers and new members all jumped on the FIre Truck, and celebration began. Congratulations to PIKE and all of the Beta Lambdas who have shown their interest and desire to join our bonds in brotherhood!

UPDATE: Since Bid Tuesday, 7 more people signed their bid with our chapter. This now puts our 2014 fall rush class at 27.

The Beta Lambdas (in alphabetical order):

Zachary Bergstedt

Michael Boyer

Gavin Clark

Ryan Evans

Cobi Ferrario

Matthew Gehrich

Patrick Gibson

Eric Gier

Logan Good

Justin Hohl

Connor Holthouse

Jacob Johnson

Ethan Kaese

Matthew Klzynski

LaShawn Lee

Lucas Miller

Tyler Morris

Devin Niebrugge

Brian O’Connor

Eric Richardon

Alex Tester

Tyler Whitehouse

Peter Wierzba

Benedict Wong

Jacob Wyrick

Guy Yager

Javid Ziegel