The League of Women Voters Tries to Save Glenn Home

June 5, 2016

As a result of the tour of the house and grounds, the League of Women Voters was made aware of the living conditions at Glenn Home. They had a strong desire to change those living conditions and went before City Council on behalf of the children to ask for more money to improve conditions. The […]

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Glenn Home Community Action Plan

In response to the letter from Public Welfare, the Glenn Home staff formulated a plan to renew the Glenn Home license. This is the documented part of that plan: As a result of this plan, the League of Women Voters took notice and scheduled a tour of Glenn Home.

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1973 Status of the Glenn Home License

In 1973, the Glenn Home license had not been renewed since 1964 due to substandard living conditions. This letter from the Department of Public Affairs informed the staff of the steps necessary to fix the conditions and renew the license. The Glenn Home staff responded to this letter with an action plan to renew the […]

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1973 Budget

The following is the proposed Glenn Home budget for the year of 1973. This budget appears to be the catalyst for the game changing events that happened in 1973, as it quickly became clear that the orphanage did not have sufficient funds to meet the budget, and the city council was reluctant to provide the […]

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June 5, 1973 (State of the House)

As a result of the action plan, the League of Women Voters took a renewed interest in Glenn Home, and spearheaded a tour of the grounds. They took pictures and documented all the deficiencies that needed to be fixed in order for Glenn Home to obtain a renewed license. Although the tour took note of […]

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Glenn Home Orphanage General Information

June 3, 2016

Pre-desegregation:     Post-desegregation update:

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The Closure of Glenn Home

February 8, 2016

In 1979, the number of residents at Glenn Home had dwindled and the operating costs remained very high. The boiler system in particular is said to cost over $100,000 a year. February: Welfare director Glenn J. Cardwell went forward with a plan to shut down the orphanage, with the remaining children being sent to group […]

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