The Iota Delta Alumni Association gratefully accepts donations on behalf of the Chapter, Housing Corporation, and Alumni Association. Donations are handled by the alumni association treasurer and are directed to the purpose designated at the time of the donations.

How to Donate
Click here to Donate via PayPal. You will be asked for your shipping address, this is used to confirm your data in the alumni association database.

Bank Transfer, Check, E-Check, and Securities Donations
To donate via a bank transfer, check, e-check, or to donate securities (Stocks, bonds, etc.) please fill out this form so that we can get in touch with more details.

Donations via Bitcoin
We accept bitcoin donations via BitPay. Please fill out the form below to donate bitcoin.

Fees for Donations
As with most financial transactions, there are fees associated with the donation methods listed above. These fees are paid by the alumni association for all donations. Please consider these when deciding how to donate. If you’re not sure which method is the best for your donation, contact the Alumni Association Treasurer for assistance.

    PayPal: $0.30 + 2.9% fee
    E-Check: $1.00 flat fee
    Bitpay: 1% fee
    Securities: Flat fee per transaction, depends on security type

Tax Deduct-ability Information
All three Iota Delta entities are considered 501(c)7 organizations, and therefore donations to them cannot be written off your income as charity donations.

Note that the Alumni Association does not pay capital gains taxes. If you donate securities which you would pay capital gains on to the Alumni Association, we can sell them without paying any capital gains taxes. However, you cannot write off the donation.