Main House Windows Fundraising Campaign

Current State of Windows:

Like all old equipment, eventually repair costs can become more costly than the cost to replace the equipment itself. We are reaching that point now with the windows on the Main House. Many associate and senior class projects have focused on attempting to extend the life of the windows on the Main House, through stripping paint, repainting, and caulking gaps. Unfortunately, the current windows have deteriorating wood frames that require constant upkeep and inefficient single-pane glass.

Target Goal: $100,000 within 3 years.

Status as of Dec 31, 2018: $11,876 raised w/o matches

Note that the $82,000 goal shown in the image does not reflect matching donations.


$100,000 is the most ambitious fundraising goal Iota Delta has ever set – one that the Alumni Association and Housing Corporation believed to be a lofty goal. BUT! We have a plan – Milestones! We like to think of Milestones as CTRL+S; as we achieve sufficient progress, we will “save” it by completing a portion of the overall project.

Different sides of the house are divided into three Milestones: South (Front) is Milestone 1, East (Parking Lot Side) is Milestone 2, and the North and West is Milestone 3. As we successfully fund-raise and complete each milestone, this money will be provided to Housing Corporation to immediately begin planning the installation of these windows.

To help in our journey, the Alumni Association along with three very generous donors have pledged $5,000 in matching funds. A portion of these matching funds will be unlocked as we reach each of the aforementioned Milestones.

Segment Donations (Milestone | Total) Matching Unlock Total Raised
Milestone 1: South $15,000 | $15,000 $5,000 $20,000
Milestone 2: East $25,000 | $40,000 $7,500 $52,500
Milestone 3: North/West $42,000 | $82,000 $7,500 $102,000

For example, once we have raised $15,000 from the general alumni population, we will unlock $5,000 from generous donors and have achieved Milestone 1 – we will begin replacing the South Windows!

Once we have raised an additional $25,000 from the general alumni population, we will unlock $7,500 from generous donors and have achieved Milestone 2 – we will begin replacing the East Windows!

The Windows:

We will be replacing the windows with the Pella® Impervia® product line. These windows feature a strong fiberglass made with Duracast® material that can withstand extreme heat and subzero cold.

Awning Single-Hung Double-Hung

While the new windows will look great, they will also significantly improve the energy costs in the house. For reference, a conservative efficiency rating of the current windows would likely have a U-Factor = 1.30, whereas the Impervia Double-Pane Windows boast a U-Factor of 0.29! We could expect about a 350% improvement in energy efficiency compared to the current windows.

The new windows meet or exceed Energy Star guidlines in all 50 states.

The “Thank You” Gift:

Donors that donate more than $250 during the fundraising campaign may select a window to attach a short message with their name.

As each Milestone is completed, the highest donor will be able to select their window first, followed by the second-highest donor, followed by the third, and so on…

Window selections will restart as each milestone is achieved.

How to Donate:

  • Use the standard donation form to donate via paper check, e-check, stocks/securities, or direct transfer. Be sure to direct your donation toward the “Windows Housing Project” in the form. You will be contacted by Jake Esau ( with details on how to process your donation. E-check processing costs the Alumni Association $1 regardless of amount. Securities cost a flat fee, depending on the security type. Paper checks are free to deposit.
  • Donate via PayPal. PayPal charges the Alumni Association a 2.9% fee + $0.30 per transaction.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do we have to abide by any historical registry requirements?

The Housing Corporation has already confirmed that this project is within our rights to complete without jeopardizing any historical registry benefits.


Contact Alumni Association President Geoffrey Ong at