In the bonds of Brotherhood

It’s been a while since we’ve given you an update on us and our Beta Iota Associates so, here it is.

First thing to really update you guys on is that this saturday is our Pike Winter Work Day! We a really looking forward improving our grounds with the help of the associates and alumni that come out. Keep an eye out that day to see some of the projects we’ll be doing around the grounds. Also keep an eye out for the #BIAssociates projects and updates

Next week the Beta Iotas will be serenading the ladies of Rose-Hulman and the Ladies of the ISU Sororities to get them excited for the Associate Party on Saturday! Keep an eye out for them, it is on good authority that they are sure to knock socks off.

Last thing to catch you up to speed up on is that our Associates, the Beta Iotas are come near the end of their process and still have got so much to do. They would really appreciate the support. Post some comments or just give them a shootout on our Facebook or twitter page!