Pike Workday

Brothers and Associates were ready for Winter Quarter Workday 2016. Associates were in charge of cleaning the barn and throwing out junk. They did a pretty good job too. They managed to finish it before lunch and helped brothers around the house with their projects.

Associates cleaning out the barn

A few brothers had the pleasure of painting the 2nd floor and parts of the 1st floor of Alden. We had a lot team spirit going into the projects this week. Most brothers had an open weekend and a lot of brothers took the initiative to lead a project. The associates took part in painting the 2nd floor after they quickly cleaned up the barn.



First time Alden 2nd floor has been painted since ever

Here you can see some 2nd floor main house denizens getting low and dirty. Main house after workday actually looks and smells great now. We also took down the holiday decorations that were everywhere for the holidays.

2nd floor kitchen cleaning

As usual there is always a cleaning crew during Workday. The floors here are looking clean and spotless.

Cleaning Alden

We had great turnout of brothers and associates, like I said before. Everyone had a task, so there was no time wasting or waiting around. Every floor had brothers fixing, moving, cleaning, etc. Brothers and associates bonding over hours of work, all of us motivated to accomplish the same objective even if we go about them different ways. Which is what makes Pike great in the first place.