For Parents

The following are questions that may be asked by parents of prospective members of Pi Kappa Alpha.  Please use the contact us form if you have additional questions or would like to be put in contact with current parents for more information.

Why should my son join Pi Kappa Alpha?

The benefits of joining a Fraternity can be enormous for those who make the choice to join.  Being a member of a Pi Kappa Alpha will provide leadership opportunities, build teamwork and social skills, develop time management skills and allow your son to become part of a group of life long friends.  Though the Fraternity is fundamentally a social group, it does in many ways function as a small business and the experience that comes from being a member of that group cannot be replicated in the classroom.

I hear bad things about Fraternities in the news.  Should I be concerned about this?

Unfortunately, all of the benefits of Fraternities are often overshadowed by the negative publicity generated by the actions of a select few.  If your son is considering joining Pi Kappa Alpha, you can rest assured that your son will be joining one of the highest quality chapters of the Fraternity.  But don’t take our word for it, feel free to contact Pike International to confirm.

What about hazing?

Pi Kappa Alpha and Rose-Hulman have strict policies against hazing, and our Chapter follows these policies without question.  If you ask most members of our Chapter, they will agree that if they were hazed as part of the associate process, they would never have joined.  We do not ask members or associates (non-initiated members) to do anything meant to embarrass, harm, or subject them to harassment or ridicule.  This includes prohibiting the forced consumption of anything, including alcohol.

How expensive is it to be a member of Pi Kappa Alpha?

Rose-Hulman is an expensive school and we are conscious of that fact.  Exact costs vary from year to year, but we aim to keep our total expenses (rent + dues + Rose-Hulman commuter meal plan) lower than that of living on campus.  Our quarterly expenses are often $1000 cheaper than living on campus.  Furthermore, our rent includes all utilities and cleaning supplies.

A full breakdown of expenses is available upon request, and is provided during Rush to prospective members.

How will joining affect my son’s academic performance?

Scholarship is one of our Chapter’s points of emphasis.  We have routinely had one of the highest GPAs of Fraternities at Rose-Hulman and have won scholarship awards from Pike International every year we’ve been a Chapter.  Our chapter is large enough that we have multiple members in most majors at Rose-Hulman.  This means that for any class your son is in, someone else has probably already taken it or is in it with him and can help in the learning process.  Group homework and study sessions are common throughout our grounds, and we have study rooms in all three of our residential buildings.

How much time does the Fraternity take up?

The answer to this question depends completely on how involved your son chooses to be.  There are certain commitments that are asked of associates, and there are events that are required of all members post-initiation.  However, academics and family issues are important and required events can be excused for these reasons.  Generally those who choose to put more time into the Fraternity get the most reward from their experience.