Spring Break Habitat for Humanities

Most people at Rose-Hulman head south to warmer places during Spring Break. Most people relax and kick their feet up for the whole week without any homework or projects to worry about. But at Pi Kappa Alpha, Iota Delta Chapter, we enjoy the reward of completing projects and tasks – even on break. We put the pencil and paper assignments on hold and apply the engineering concepts that we’ve learned so far to real life situations.

This spring break, Iota Delta took 23 brothers down to North Carolina to help Habitat for Humanity build houses. We laid foundation and put up walls and roofing. For 5 days straight, we worked on 6 different houses, waking up at the crack of dawn and finishing in the afternoon.

Now although there was a lot of hard work, we did have most of the evening to explore the area. Brothers visited little towns in central NC, like Statesville and Moorseville, two towns where we had been building the morning of. We had a few brothers visit the Go-Pro MotorPlex go-cart track and race a few laps.

All 23 brothers’ meals were made by members from First Presbyterian Church, Lamar and Kim Austin, and the Williamson’s Chapel United Methodist Church. Our Towns Habitat for Humanity was so graciously excited to have us help out, that they provided lunch for us everyday of week to keep us going. The brothers of Pi Kappa Alpha even had the honor of being guests at Costi Kutteh’s house, mayor of Statesville.

A special thanks to First Presbyterian Church and the women’s circle group there. They provided us with every breakfast and one big dinner, and the brothers are extremely grateful.

We also want to thank First Presbyterian Church for letting us spend the nights free of charge at their church, it cut the expenditures in half for the trip by providing food and shelter for us.



This is where we had our downtime after working and exploring North Carolina.



The first house that we worked looked like this at the beginning of the week, we knew that we had our work cut for us, even with 23 brothers.



The picture above is what the house looked like after we left: all the walls and insulation put up. The photo below is a picture of what the inside looked like after we finished up on Friday: frames for doors, and walls to divide off bedrooms from living rooms, and built in supports to keep the whole house 




A picture of the race track times after a few brothers went zipping around in go-carts at speeds up to 55mph. 



We had pleasure of working with an alumnus from Rose-Hulman, Dane Horna class of 69′ Civil Engineering, during the week



Brothers took the later part of the afternoon to explore Lake Norman State Park and time to ponder life’s question among the green evergreens, under a cloudless sky.



We built a shed from the ground up in one day at one of the work sites. 


All the guys that went to NC over break really enjoyed their time. It always gives us time to hang out and get some bro-time in, where at school that can be a lot harder to happen with the bustle of Rose-Hulman’s deadlines and exams. The work might have been tough on our bodies, but most brothers would agree it was a nice mental break from studies.

In ppka, in having fun and making the world a better place.